Welcome to the future

Keep your business on the move without the need for capital invested in a fleet of cars.

Let’s look at the commercial benefits of our hassle free car sharing service.


A fleet of new Hyundai Ioniqs & BMW i3s available 24/7 for your team. Simply book vehicles via our App or website and pay only for the time you use them. 

Reduce the carbon emissions of your business

Your current fleet could be a significant contributor to the carbon emissions for your business. Make the switch to EVs and feel good about reducing the carbon footprint of your business.

Find out about how much carbon emissions have been saved by Yoogo Share members on our Carbon Savings page.

Look who's onboard already

Tailored solutions for Kiwi businesses

If you’re ready to get your business into EVs today, download the Yoogo Share app to sign up, and start driving ASAP.

If you’re looking for a tailored solution for your business or would like to host a Yoogo Share hub in your car park, complete the enquiry form below and we’ll be in touch.