Pro-tips for a trip out of town

Pro-tips for a trip out of town

Yoogo Share EVs can travel up to 200km on a full charge. The actual distance you’ll be able to travel on a a single charge depends on your driving style, load weight and use of AC and heaters. If you want to get maximum range, keep use of AC to a minimum and switch driving style into Eco Mode. Here’s some pro-tips to help make you an EV charging expert:

Charging on the road

New Zealand is becoming well equipped with EV charging units, with an ever growing number of free and paid charging units all around the country.

  • Plan your journey on PlugShare to find charging units along your route.

  • Free AC charging units usually require a BYO Type2 charging cable. All Yoogo Share Hyundai IONIQs have a Type2 cable in the boot. If you're heading away on a long trip and plan on using free public chargers, always make sure there's a Type 2 cable in the boot. AC charging can take up to 3hrs to get to 80% charge. Free Orion Public Chargers in Canterbury can be activated with a Yoogo Share access card.

  • Paid fast chargers (DC) have charging cables attached so there's no need to bring your own. Sign up to ChargeNet before you head away on trips out of town to use their network of paid public chargers. DC charging takes about 30 mins to get to 80% charge.

Charging with a regular 3-pin plug

If you want to charge up with a regular household 3-pin plug overnight:

  • 3-pin chargers are in the boot of all Yoogo Share cars. You can use these chargers to plug into any standard household plug.

  • These chargers are best for overnight charging as a full charge can take up to 15 hours.

  • Never use an extension cable when charging.

If you’ve got any questions about charging a Yoogo Share EV on the road, please get in touch by emailing: or make a booking to join one of our EV Driver Training Sessions.