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Yoogo Share is New Zealand’s only pure electric car sharing business. 

Yoogo Share launched its Christchurch service in February 2018. Expansion into Auckland and Wellington is currently underway.

Yoogo Share’s purpose is to improve the utilisation of and reduce the impact from all cars on New Zealand roads. Yoogo Share aims to democratise electric vehicles, reduce congestion and accelerate New Zealand’s transition to a smart future.

Yoogo Share business and private members book Hyundai IONIQ and BMW i3 BEV’s by the minute, hour, day, night or weekend from seven hubs across Christchurch and one hub (so far) in Auckland’s CBD.

Business and private members book cars via the Yoogo Share app and access the entire fleet of electric cars via the Yoogo Share app or with a Yoogo Share access card.

Christchurch City Council is a Foundation member of Yoogo Share, business members include Warren & Mahoney, Jacobs, The Building Intelligence Group and Aurecon.

Initially offering a round-trip model Yoogo Share have continued to innovate and in 2019 launched an after-hour subscription service called The Club (thought to be a world first) and a One-Way service between Christchurch Airport and two CBD locations.

Yoogo Share’s pure electric fleet generates zero tailpipe emissions and presents business and private members with a way to reduce carbon emissions without carbon offsetting.



  • • Feb 2018 - Launched in Christchurch

    • Jul 2018 - Opened Auckland trial Hub

    • Aug 2018 - 50 tonnes of carbon emission savings

    • Sept 2018 - 1,000 native trees planted in Evans Pass

    • Nov 2018 - Winner of 2018 Sustainable Business Network “Smarter Transport” Award

    • Jan 2019 - 100 tonnes of carbon emission savings

    • May 2019 - After-hour subscription service (The Club) launched

    • Jul 2019 - One-way Airport service launched

    • Aug 2019 - 200 tonnes of carbon emission savings

    • Aug 2019 - Nominated for 2019 Sustainable Business Network “Smarter Transport” Award



Yoogo Share Hyundai IONIQ EV

Yoogo Share Hyundai IONIQ EV

Yoogo Share BMW i3 EV

Yoogo Share BMW i3 EV


Hub locations


  • Christchurch Airport

  • West End Car Park

  • Christchurch Art Gallery

  • The Crossing Car Park

  • Papanui Library

  • Fendalton Library

  • Lyttelton Recreation Centre


  • ANZ Centre, Albert St




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