Yoogo Share wins SBN Smarter Transport Award


 From right to left: Yoogo Share Development Manager, Tracey Jay. Yoogo Share General Manager, Kirsten Corson. Waste Management National Manager Customer First, Marsha Cadman. Waste Management Sustainability Manager, Adam Weller.  Credit: Sustainable Business Network

From right to left: Yoogo Share Development Manager, Tracey Jay. Yoogo Share General Manager, Kirsten Corson. Waste Management National Manager Customer First, Marsha Cadman. Waste Management Sustainability Manager, Adam Weller.

Credit: Sustainable Business Network

Christchurch based car sharing service Yoogo Share has won the Smarter Transport Award at the 2018 Sustainable Business Network Awards.

650 people attended the black tie NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards dinner in Auckland last night to find out what businesses were leading sustainability in the country. Yoogo Share were up against Waste Management NZ, Civic Contractors, Enviro NZ, Tranzit Group, Yoogo Share and Mevo for the Smarter Transport Award.

Judges said they were impressed with the companies bold launch of 100 pure electric vehicles in Christchurch, offering shared electric vehicles to both business and private members. The service, which was officially launched by Lianne Dalziel and Jacinda Ardern in February, has just reached a milestone of 80 tonnes of carbon savings, so it was a double celebration for the car sharing service at the awards.

Kirsten Corson, General Manager of Yoogo Share, acknowledged the outstanding vision and support from Christchurch City Council which started working with the company in 2016 to deliver a city wide pure electric car sharing service – the first of its kind in Australasia.

Christchurch City Council has exited 55 combustion vehicles from their fleet, alongside a number of other local businesses including Warren and Mahoney, Meridian Energy and Aurecon who are using the shared electric fleet as an alternative to pool cars, taxis and rental cars. Christchurch City Council is the only council in the country to made this level of commitment to electric vehicle technology to date.

The Yoogo Share scheme offers Hyundai IONIQs and BMW i3s in 8 different hubs around the city and has become a popular choice for over 4,000 business and private members. At $14.50/hr it’s even more affordable than using a Lime Scooter.

When Corson was asked about Lime Scooters she is very positive saying “Mobility is like a jig saw puzzle, and its great to see a number of sustainable options available for Cantabrians. We are already seeing members jumping on a Lime Scooter to get to one of our hubs, going out for a couple of hours in a Yoogo Share car and Scootering home.”

Corson goes on to say “With CO2 emissions at an all time high and the World Health Organisation estimating that 4.6 million people dying each year from air pollution related diseases, our customers do really get a feel good factor by driving a pure electric vehicle. Not only are they really good fun to drive, but they enjoy doing their little bit to create a better environment.”

Car Sharing is a well established transport option in Europe and North America, where on average 9 cars are removed from the road for every shared car that is made available.  Corson confirms that Yoogo Share has already seen members sell their second car, or selling their only car, to use the fleet of shared electric cars.


Sharing is Caring: Metropol

As the electric car movement heats up in New Zealand, a local start-up has chosen Christchurch as the first city in the country to launch its innovative, future-focused car sharing initiative. Cantabrians using Yoogo Share have already saved 50 tonnes of carbon, or the equivalent of more than 20,000 litres of petrol being used.


For Kirsten Corson, getting behind the wheel of a traditional combustion engine vehicle is akin to driving an old tractor. But put her behind the wheel of an electric car and she’s a happy woman. Not surprising then that she is helping more Kiwis experience the thrill of going electric, as the General Manager of Yoogo Share, the company behind New Zealand’s first 100 percent electric car sharing service.

Launched in Christchurch in February, Yoogo Share has brought 100 pure electric vehicles (EVs) to eight (and counting!) locations throughout Christchurch. It’s free to join and there are no membership fees; simply sign-up (membership criteria applies), get sent a Yoogo Share access card, then book and drive the vehicles as and when needed.

Christchurch City Council initiated the service when they put out a tender in 2017 for electric car sharing as part of the city’s rebuild. Fast forward to early 2018 and Kirsten found herself officially launching Yoogo Share alongside Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Yoogo Share business members love driving the electric cars for getting to meetings and running errands. A more convenient option than ride hailing or public transport, they’re also great fun to drive. Plus, you only pay for the time you use the car, with all other costs including insurance and storage covered by the hourly rate.


Get the first hour of your booking free for up to five bookings to test drive the electric cars


Meanwhile, for private members, the shared electric cars are a great alternative to a second car, with many families choosing to sell their second car that often sits unused. For people who commute to work via public transport, walking or cycling, the cars are ideal for those times when you do need a car such as picking up shopping or longer journeys when public transport isn’t an option. So why share? With petrol prices higher than ever before and the high cost of purchase for electric cars, you can drive an electric car without having to buy one. In fact, no insurance, WOF, registration, repairs, maintenance or fuel costs. Plus, with no tailpipe emissions, Yoogo Share is helping improve Christchurch’s air quality.

With 50 tonnes of carbon savings already under their belt, Yoogo Share’s members are expected to make 100 tonnes of carbon savings by Christmas. To mark the milestone, the company partnered with the Department of Conservation, Meridian Energy and Hyundai to help restore the Evans Pass valley, planting 1,000 native trees to represent the kilometres travelled by Yoogo Share members.

To try out the electric car sharing experience, the first hour is free for 1,000 bookings for Yoogo Share private members, thanks to their energy partners in Canterbury, Meridian Energy. Private members can get the first hour of their booking free for up to five bookings, giving everybody the opportunity to try Yoogo Share cars. So what are you waiting for? After all, sharing is caring.

Get out of town: Journey Planners now online

We’ve put together guides for taking a Yoogo Share car out of Christchurch, to let you know the best places to charge your car (and yourself) in and on the way to Ashburton, Akaroa, Kaikoura & Timaru.

With 200km ranges, Yoogo Share cars can travel out of town easily, with a little planning. We’ve done that for you, so you can just enjoy the drive.

See the following Journey Planners to find out more about travelling out of Christchurch.

We’re working on more Journey Planners, but if there is a destination missing from this list that you’d love to see, please email us, and we’ll get cracking on putting something together for you. Otherwise, visit PlugShare - the crowd-sourced app that with comprehensive info on charging stations around the country.

Improving Christchurch’s air quality, one trip at a time

Christchurch people using electric car sharing service Yoogo Share have saved 50 tonnes of carbon, or the equivalent of over 20, 000 litres of petrol being consumed[i].

Kirsten Corson, the General Manager at Yoogo Share, says the company now has over 3,000 members in Christchurch.

“We’re aiming to hit 100 tonnes of carbon savings in Christchurch by the end of this year. The level of support we’ve received from businesses and private members in Christchurch has been fantastic.

“The cars are fun to drive as well as being great for the environment.  Using Yoogo Share means you can book and drive a pure electric car without buying one.  You can say goodbye to fuel, service and repair bills and do your little bit for a sustainable New Zealand.”

To celebrate the major milestone, the company recently planted 1000 native trees in Evans Pass to help restore the valley. Yoogo partnered with the Department of Conservation, Meridian Energy and Hyundai to mark the milestone, along with members of their car sharing service.

“The native planting efforts in Evans Pass represent the kilometres travelled by our members. It’s a great way to give back.” Corson said.

The concept of electric car sharing was an initiative led by the Christchurch City Council as part of their transition into becoming a smart city and reducing emissions of their staff driving around the city.  To date, Yoogo Share has around 100 pure electric cars in their fleet across eight hubs in Christchurch and have recently opened a new hub in Auckland.

The cars are available to book by the minute, hour, day, night or weekend and are a solid option for businesses or individuals who want to make some smarter decisions around their cars & mobility.

[i] https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator

Drive electric on us... 1st hour FREE thanks to Meridian Energy

We’re giving away 1,000 hours FREE thanks to Meridian Energy

We want you to experience just how great our fleet of shared electric cars are to drive, so with the help of our friends at Meridian Energy, we're offering the first hour free for 1,000 bookings for Yoogo Share private members.

All you need to do, is sign up to Yoogo Share as a private member (it's free to join), enter the promo code 'meridian' when you make a booking, and you'll get the first hour on us - easy.


Electric car sharing now in Auckland


Grab a new BMW i3 or Hyundai IONIQ from our first Auckland hub in the ANZ Centre on Albert St. 

With only two vehicles based at the Albert St hub, advanced bookings are essential.

All existing members can now book the cars.

If you're new to Yoogo Share, sign up and we'll send you an access card - it's currently free to join Yoogo Share and there are no membership fees. 



The people of Christchurch have made carbon savings of 50 tonnes since February by choosing to join Yoogo Share and drive pure electric cars. This initiative was led by Christchurch City Council which had the vision to reduce emissions and accelerate Christchurch’s transition to becoming a smart city.

In recognition of these carbon savings and the people who have made it happen, Yoogo Share is planting 1,000 native trees in Evans Pass to help restore the valley. Working with the Department of Conservation & Meridian Energy, Yoogo Share has invited their business and private members to help mark this milestone together. The planting will take place on September 23rd as part of Conservation Week.

Kirsten Corson, General Manager of Yoogo Share says Cantabrians have been very welcoming of the cars in the city. “We have over 3,000 members that enjoy the smart, clean and affordable mobility option – plus they’re great fun to drive.”

With road vehicles accounting for 17 percent of all CO2 emissions in NZ[i], electric vehicles have the potential to greatly reduce New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions. New Zealanders are really starting to embrace electric cars, with almost 10,000 electric vehicles now registered around the country. Corson says the high cost of EVs including the cost to buy and install chargers is a barrier for many Kiwis, which is why Yoogo Share’s pay-when-you-use model has been so attractive to Cantabrians.

For Kiwi businesses who have made a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, Yoogo Share’s a solid option that makes real commercial sense. Carl Devereux, Regional Director of Aurecon enjoys the simplicity of the Yoogo Share cars for the global engineering & infrastructure advisory firm: “A transition to a fully electric fleet was an obvious choice for our business.  Yoogo Share presented the opportunity to transition to a modern fleet of vehicles with improved safety standards…. This is an important next step for our health and safety journey… and our staff are excited to be part of this new and sustainable transport initiative.”

The shared fleet is available 24/7, so for the general public looking to reduce the number of vehicles in a household, Yoogo Share is a really convenient option. Nicole Oliver, a private member of Yoogo Share since February loves the clean, green aspect of the car sharing service: “I walk to work so just book via the app, jump in, sync my music and the car instantly feels like it’s my own. Whether it’s for a work meeting or heading out on the weekend shopping, it’s easy.”

University of Auckland Professor Shaun Hendy is on a self-imposed year without flying to highlight climate change. Hendy chose to drive pure electric during his recent return trip from Christchurch to Queenstown because of the reduced emissions from electric cars. Hendy said that driving himself in a pure EV was so much better from a CO2 perspective, and that charging the car cost just $37 one-way.

Car sharing is quickly becoming a global phenomenon, with innovative cities like Christchurch encouraging the use of shared cars as an extension of their transportation network. People use car sharing alongside public transport, ride-hailing, walking and cycling for their daily mobility needs. 

Yoogo Share’s fleet of electric cars are available for hire by the minute, hour, day, overnight or weekend. Located in 8 hubs around Christchurch, including the airport, Cantabrians and visitors to the city can enjoy the benefits of driving electric without the cost of ownership.

Corson says 50 tonnes is just the beginning for Yoogo Share in Christchurch, noting: “We look forward to hitting 100 tonnes of carbon savings by Christmas. Planting the 1,000 natives is our way of giving back and saying: Thanks for your support Christchurch.”

[i] New Zealand’s Environmental Reporting Series: Our atmosphere and climate 2017: mfe.govt.nz/sites/default/files/media/media/our-atmosphere-and-climate-2017-final.pdf

Sharing is caring: Electric vehicles make good business sense

Yoogo Share, part of a locally owned fleet management and vehicle leasing company, recently launched New Zealand's first 100 per cent electric car sharing service - in fact, it's the largest scheme of its type in the southern hemisphere.

Officially launched in Christchurch by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on February 15, 2018, the Yoogo Share electric car sharing service is an initiative the Christchurch City Council hopes will drive transformational change in terms of both carbon emissions and attitudes about future vehicle ownership.

The service provides businesses and the public with access to a pool of 100 electric vehicles (EVs), including BMW i3s and Hyundai Ioniqs, on a shared basis from 10 hubs and 100 chargers around the city.

Yoogo Share general manager Kirsten Corson says: "Whilst we are not the total mobility solution for a person or business we deliver a cost effective and sustainable option."

The traditional internal combustion engine has been around for over a century. Fuelling, maintaining and operating them is easy due to a well-established, extensive network of refuelling and vehicle servicing operators. People understand and trust them. Meanwhile 100 per cent EVs, while appealing for multiple reasons, are something of an unknown quantity.

But that wasn't about to scare off Yoogo Share's vision of the future. Corson says: "We learned that a lot of businesses wanted EV fleets, but they came at an initial higher capital cost. Not only the cars, but the charging infrastructure. And because it's relatively new and fast-moving technology, many businesses and the general public have found it challenging."

These very difficulties actually strengthen the business case for car sharing, where the costs are spread across multiple users, reducing risk and translating capital cost to operational expense. "We were fortunate enough to get a public private partnership in place with the Christchurch City Council, and to receive co-funding from the Government's Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund, administered by EECA. The Council, along with twelve foundation customers and over 3000 drivers, created an immediate commercial benefit in dollars and cents that meant those customers could go green without the hassle." says Corson.

And the rental costs are pretty impressive, starting at just under $15 for an hour, which is less than the cost of an Uber. An 'overnighter' costs as little as $36.

So how does Yoogo Share achieve such low prices? Part of it, Corson explains, comes down to an EV's low maintenance, with only around 20 moving parts in an electric engine, compared with nearly 2000 in an internal combustion engine. The other part is that the company looks to absolutely maximise the time the vehicles are in use. "We've got fantastic technology fuelling the back end and within our App which makes it simple, convenient and efficient to access a car," says Corson.

What's the reaction been like so far? "Anyone who gets into one of our EVs for the first time tends to have a 'Eureka' moment," says Corson. "Experiencing the power, smoothness and silence of an EV for yourself is really the only way to fully appreciate their capabilities. When you drive EVs for a while its hard to go back to a combustion engine."

And Yoogo Share is giving the people of Christchurch the opportunity to do just that. "The easiest way to get started is to simply download our App and register or register via our website: www.yoogoshare.co.nz."

Of course, Christchurch is just the start of what the company plans to be a nationwide service. "Obviously we'll start in the major population centres, but there is demand in the smaller towns too."

"So, yes, we're hoping to give people across the country the opportunity and chance to drive a pure EV and get hooked on all the economic and environmental benefits they offer. And possibly challenge the current concept of traditional car ownership at the same time." There are Yoogo Share cars at Christchurch Airport if you are heading that way.

PM Launches 100% Electric Car Share Offering

Prime Minister Launches Southern Hemisphere’s Biggest 100% Electric Car Share Offering

  Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern launched the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest 100% electric car share offering in Christchurch today

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern launched the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest 100% electric car share offering in Christchurch today

The Southern Hemisphere’s biggest deployment of pure battery electric cars and largest pure EV car sharing model was officially launched in Christchurch today by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Yoogo Share, a bold new initiative adopted by the Christchurch City Council will see a pure EV fleet of 100 cars, ten hubs and 100 chargers made available around Christchurch. Twelve key businesses with 3,000 drivers are already working with the Yoogo Share cars, removing 115 combustion engine vehicles from their fleets. Membership is now open to private users.

Yoogo CEO David Jenkinson said the technology powering the fleet is very much the future as it provides a cost effective alternative to company cars, rental cars, taxis and even private ownership.

“Imagine landing at Christchurch airport on business, just one minute walk to your Yoogo Share car which you access via your membership card or phone. At less than $15 an hour to drive a new BMW i3 or Hyundai Ioniq – it’s a no brainer,” says Jenkinson.

“While electric vehicles are increasing in popularity, they can be challenging to adopt because of the extra cost of the vehicles, not to mention costs for chargers and installation. Sharing is a great way to enable the benefits of an EV without the hassle or cost.”

With zero tail pipe emissions and less congestion, Yoogo Share will deliver positive health benefits for Christchurch city and contribute to a smarter and renewable city.

Christchurch City Mayor Lianne Dalziel says that sustainability is at the forefront of this initiative.

“Our purpose here today may not have been in any blueprint, but it is as much a part of our regeneration as is any project that was envisaged. It is about who we are as a city – New Zealand’s 21st century Garden City putting sustainability to the fore.”

General Manager Kirsten Corson said that sustainability is also an important part of Yoogo Share’s business.

“Although Yoogo Share is a technology based mobility company, sustainability is important to us and extends beyond our pure EVs and into us contributing to our communities” says Corson.

“We’re working with DOC, supplying natives for planting in the Evans Pass recovery programme between Lyttelton & Sumner.”

In addition to helping Kiwi businesses ‘go green’, the Yoogo Share offering also appeals to millennials, who are increasingly choosing public transport and rideshare services over car ownership.

Canterbury University student Matthew Knight, who has been working closely with Yoogo Share says the idea of having all care no responsibility access to a pure EV has huge appeal to his peer group.

“As a student the last thing you want is to have to fork out for a car that’s going to need costly maintenance. We still want the freedom to get around – and with Yoogo Share we’ve got access to a cool, new and sustainable option that’s more cost effective than taxis or Uber.”

Business and private users simply sign up at www.yoogoshare.co.nz and book a vehicle. Rates are based on the minute, hour, or day, whichever is cheapest.

Users of the service can pick up a car at a Yoogo Share hub. When finished they simply drop it back to the hub and plug it in to charge.

Yoogo Share has active hubs at Christchurch Art Gallery car park, West End car park and Christchurch International Airport, with Fendalton, Papanui, Lyttleton, the University of Canterbury, Ara Institute, The Crossing and The Terrace launching over the coming weeks & months.