What is electric car sharing?

Car sharing is the smart way to get around town. Because owning a car is no longer the future. Millions of people around the world are already successfully car sharing, and enjoying the freedom and cost savings of not owning a vehicle.

Being clever Kiwis, at Yoogo Share we've added the pure electric angle. These are super fun to drive and you can feel better off knowing you're doing the right thing by the planet.

It’s so convenient being able to book a car via an app. Jump in, sync my music and the car instantly feels like it’s my own. Whether it’s for work meeting or heading out on the weekend shopping it’s easy.
— Nicole

No ownership costs

Car sharing means there’s no need to worry about WOF, rego, insurance, repairs or maintenance. We look after all of that, and you just use the cars when you need them.

no petrol

Have you seen the price of petrol lately? With Yoogo Share EVs there’s no need to go to the gas station again! Charge up at Yoogo Share hubs for free, or use public chargers at a rate equivalent to 30c per litre.

super easy

Book a car online or on the Yoogo Share app, unlock it with your access card or app, drive where you like & drop it back to the same hub when you’re done - easy! If you have any troubles, we’re here 24/7 to help.

super fun

Quiet, zippy, and full of the latest bells and whistles, Yoogo Share electric cars are great fun to drive - and you can feel good about driving them because they make no tailpipe emissions.

After about 3 months experience, I have to say that Yoogo Share’s electric cars have made climate-friendly green living (and not owning your own car) pure PLEASURE. :)
— Johanna

Better Air Quality

Less Congestion

I’m using Yoogo Share for a weekend in Christchurch. Booked online, so no tedious queues and paperwork at the airport. Plus, of course, zero fuel costs. And loving the zippy little BMW i3s!
— Rawdon