Public charging stations

The interactive map below from PlugShare shows public charging stations around New Zealand where you can charge up your Yoogo Share EV while you’re out and about.


DC Fast Chargers: 20-30mins to charge to 80%

Most DC Fast Chargers around New Zealand are paid ChargeNet units. If you’re heading out of town, sign-up for an account before you leave.


AC Chargers: 2-3hrs to charge to 80%

Usually free, AC Chargers require bringing your own Type 2 charging cable. Make sure there’s one in the boot before you head away.

This map does not show Yoogo Share AC Chargers, which are located at all Yoogo Share hubs except for Christchurch Airport.


Battery range

Yoogo Share EVs can travel up to 200km on a full charge. The actual distance you’ll be able to travel on a a single charge depends on your driving style, load weight and use of AC and heaters. If you want to get maximum range, keep use of AC to a minimum and switch driving style into Eco Mode.