Our pricing is 100% simple. 

Regardless of the vehicle you book, the cost is the same. And we throw in a whole lot of benefits at no cost to you.

Every person and every trip is different. So we calculate the rate that's cheapest for you – whether that’s charging by the minute, the hour, or a day rate. Whatever is more cost effective for your time & trip.









YOOGO SHARE OVERNIGHT (5PM-8AM) Return by 8am with at least 80% battery charge


YOOGO SHARE WEEKEND Return by 8am Monday, clean and with at least 80% battery charge


YOOGO SHARE ONEWAY Incl. 90 mins travel. Available between Airport & West End or The Crossing only.



All rates include a 24hr travel allowance of 180kms - Additional distance travelled is charged at $0.40 per kilometer.



Bookings are billed by the Minute, until they reach the applicable capped rate, for example:

  • A booking for 30 mins would be $13.80 (the Minute rate x 30)
  • A booking for 45 mins would be $16.00 (the capped Hour rate)
  • A booking for 1hr 15mins would cost $22.90 ($16.00 for the first hour + $6.90 for the 15 minutes after the first hour)


A 24hr travel allowance of 180km applies to all bookings. For multi-day bookings this allowance accumulates every 24hrs, for example: A weekend booking (Fri 5pm - Mon 8am) includes 540km travel allowance. Additional travel is charged at $0.40 per kilometer.


All our drivers must be at least 21 years of age with a full valid driver licence.

All International driver licences must be held for a minimum of 3 years and be in English.

We want to make Kiwi roads safer: No illegal speeding or dangerous driving allowed.

Cars must be returned clean, otherwise a cleaning fee will apply.



Additional kilometres fee per km over & the allowance of 180km per day


Cleaning Fee general cleaning and rubbish removal


Soiled vehicle fee removal of foreign substances such as liquids, soil, smoke, mud, vomit or blood


Insurance excess


Interest rate for unpaid fees and charges


Failure to return car to designated hub/car park


Failure to plug the car into the charging unit at end of booking excl. Christchirch Airport


No show for a confirmed booking


Replacement access card


Parking infringements & traffic offences admin


Failure to notify Yoogo Share about cleaning required to a vehicle


Airport Surcharge


Accidents or damage


Request for reports or data


Refundable Deposit for Bookings of $300+


Failure to lock or turn the car off at the end of booking


Failure to return car charged to 80% by 8am after weekend bookings



Now is a great time to join – as part of our launch offer, there are currently no membership or joining fees….