Imagine ...

A fleet of fully electric cars at your fingertips. By the minute, hour or day. Whatever you need, it's up to you.

This is the future. It's exciting. The world is on the journey to autonomous vehicles. So jump on board and start here. Drive one of our brand new 100% electric Hyundai Ioniqs or our BMW i3s. They're so much fun.

We go wherever you go. We're Yoogo.


Christchurch first...
But watch out Auckland.

Yoogo Share's the smart way to get around town. We’ve teamed up with some of the biggest organisations in Christchurch and made it easy to grab a fully electric car to zip around town like it’s your own.  Pick it up, drop it back. Easy.

Simply book online or via the app and unlock via your special Yoogo Share access card. So when you need to get around town, just book it, swipe it and you’re good to go. Then use our car like it’s your own. Pay by the minute, hour or day, or keep it overnight. Have fun with your friends - it's simple.

100% EV car sharing’s an exciting journey into the future – jump into it! We’ve been working with our early bird members with a fleet of Hyundai Ioniqs & BMW i3s from the end of 2017. Our vehicle numbers have now built to 100 EVs which makes this the biggest pure electric car sharing initiative in the Southern Hemisphere - fantastic for Kiwis helping build a cleaner NZ. Our initial focus has been to introduce some key foundation business members to our smart fleet sharing programme. We’re now welcoming all other Cantabrians, or anyone visiting Christchurch to JOIN US and drive electric.

From here... watch this space. We'll be bringing this super smart technology into Auckland and beyond. So join us now and be part of this journey.