Living without the burden of ownership: Frasers story

Fraser is one of Yoogo Share’s first Auckland members. He decided to use the money he had set aside for a new car to quit his job and follow his dreams. This is his story.

Fraser Bliss Omaha.jpg

OPINION: “I have been using Yoogo Share in Auckland for over a year. I often work from home, or bike to work, so I mostly only need a car for weekday errands and on weekends.

 I love it. It makes so much more sense than owning a car.

It’s cheaper, you get to drive cool (and expensive) EVs, you are reducing emissions and taking cars off the road. And it’s convenient enough for a young family to regularly use.

 But most importantly, it frees up the capital that would otherwise be tied up in owning a car.

 Half a year ago I was seriously considering buying a car because I thought I needed one for my growing family (I was wrong). But because of Yoogo Share and their very fair weekend rate, I had the confidence that I had my transportation needs sorted. So I quit the rat race and bought a business with that money instead. Someone else might have used it towards a down payment on house.

 Yoogo Share disrupts not only transportation, but it gives people the freedom to live without the burden of car ownership. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

 Without Yoogo Share, I’d probably own a Nissan Leaf and still work 9-5 in an unfulfilling corporate job.”