Our Cars

All Yoogo Share cars are 100% electric, and full of the latest technology in passenger cars. Find out more about our fleet below:


Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Up to 200km Range
Lane Assist
Reversing Camera
Apple Car Play
Android Auto
Regen Paddles
Smart cruise control
Bluetooth Connectivity
Climate Control

BMW i3

Up 200km Range
Tyre Pressure Monitor
Reversing Camera
Bluetooth Connectivity
GPS Navigation
Climate Control

Maximising Battery Range


The actual distance you’ll be able to travel on a a single charge depends on your driving style, load weight and use of AC and heaters.

If you want to get maximum range:

  • Keep use of AC & heater to a minimum

  • drive smoothly: reduce rapid acceleration

  • Switch driving style into Eco Mode

  • Use regenerative braking


Guides to Driving & Charging