Five simple steps.


1. Join

  • Sign up here or download the app. Drivers must be over 21yrs, with a full valid license.

  • Once approved we’ll post you a Yoogo Share Card, your key to drive Yoogo Share Hyundai Ioniqs & BMW i3s.


2. Book

  • Book on the website or app.

  • Choose pick-up location, start & end times.

  • Pick a car type for Round Trips or destination hub for One Way trips.


3. Unlock

  • Use your Yoogo Share Access Card or app to unlock.

  • Unplug the charging cable & return it to charger.

  • Jump in and get comfy.


4. Drive

  • Connect your mobile via bluetooth, Android Auto or Apple Car Play (opional).

  • Head off on your journey.

  • If present, barrier arms in our hubs will automatically lift at exit & entry for Yoogo Share cars.


5. Drop

  • When you’re done, head to the desination hub and park in any available Yoogo Share park. Remove all rubbish and belongings.

  • Plug in to charge, lock up and tap your access card on the charging unit to end your booking.

Dropping off at Christchurch Airport? There’s no charging units at Christchurch Airport, just lock up in the Rideshare Zone and your booking will automatically end thanks to our smart technology.


Feel good

By choosing to drive a car with zero emissions, you’re helping to improve New Zealands air qualiry and reduce our carbon footprint.

See our latest carbon emission savings figures

Booking Types



Pick up from a specific hub. Drop off to the same hub. Available all Yoogo Share hubs.



Pick up from one hub. Drop off to another. Available between the following hubs:

  • West End & Christchurch Airport
  • The Crossing & Christchurch Airport


Monthly after-hours subscription. Access to a car every week night and weekend. Available from:

  • West End Car Park
  • The Crossing Car Park

Downloadable Guide to Driving & Charging


Free driver training

Want to get a first-hand demonstration? Book a free EV Driver Training session.