What should I do if the car doesn’t unlock at start of booking?


  • You’re within 15 mins of your booking time
  • You’re at the right car (check car name & registration plate)
  • You’ve tapped your Yoogo Share access card on reader on windscreen (on ‘tap here’ sticker)
  • You’ve waited 2 mins since making your booking

If you still have no success, call us on 0800 GO SHARE & we’ll get you sorted straight away.


What should I do if I’m involved in an accident?

  1. Stay safe – move the car off the road if possible.
  2. Call 111 Emergency Services immediately if anyone is injured.
  3. Call us on 0800 GO SHARE (0800 467 4273) and we’ll get you sorted straight away.
  4. Ask for contact details of the other driver(s) and note licence plate number(s).
  5. Take photos of the damage.
  6. If you’re a business user, call your Manager and complete an Incident Report.


What should I do if the car breaks down?

Call us on 0800 GO SHARE (0800 467 4273) and we’ll get you sorted straight away.


What do I do if I can’t remove the charger from the car?

Tap your access card on reader on windscreen to unlock the car. Without delay, unplug the charger (you have 10 seconds with the Hyundai Ioniq). If the charger doesn’t unlatch, lock & unlock the car again.


Can I return the car to a different hub/car park?

No, not yet. We’re currently offering a round trip service. This means you will need to return the car to the same hub/car park you collected it from.


Where can I charge the car?

  1. At all the Yoogo Share hubs/car parks we have charging units with cables attached which fit both the BMW i3 and the Hyundai Ioniq.
  2. We also have 2 ‘Fast Chargers’ located on the ground floor of West End car park – these are for quick top ups only (30 mins max). You can’t end your booking on these chargers.
  3. At home – all of our cars have a 3 pin cable in the boot. Just plug it into a normal 3 pin socket. Never use an extension cable when charging. Those provided in the car are the only ones that should be used to charge.
  4. Orion Public Chargers (currently free). You’ll need a Type 2 cable for these so you’ll only be able to use with our Hyundai Ioniqs (all Ioniqs have a Type 2 cable in the boot). Tap your Yoogo Share access card on the charging unit to activate.
  5. ‘User Pays’ public chargers – these can be used by both Hyundai & BMW. If required, set up an account at www.chargenet.co.nz
    > To see locations of all public chargers, download the PlugShare App.


Returning the car from overnight & weekend bookings – level of charge required?

Please return with an 80% charge for business customers by 8am Mon- Fri. You can either use the 3 pin cable for charging at home or you can use the Fast Chargers in the West End car park. Alternatively, the ‘User Pays’ public chargers in Christchurch are compatible with our cars.


How long does the car take to fully charge (from empty)?

  • Yoogo Share Fast Charger = 30 mins
  • Yoogo Share Regular Charger = Hyundai 4 hours, BMW 2 hours
  • 3 pin cable at home = up to 15 hours


What do I do if it looks like I could run out of power?

Don’t risk running out of power. Call us on 0800 GO SHARE and we’ll sort you out.


What do I do if I run out of power?

Don’t attempt to restart the car. Call us on 0800 GO SHARE and we’ll sort you out.


Where do I find how many km’s I have left?

Look on the digital display on the dashboard. If you’re worried about the range, try switching off the air-conditioning /heater or change the drive mode (the switch between the seats) to an eco mode to conserve power.


Why does the car feel like its braking when I take my foot off the accelerator?

It’s called regenerative braking. It’s the car’s way of gaining back electricity through the braking process, and is unique to electric vehicles.


Damage? What are the insurance costs?

For private users, the insurance excess for damage is $2,000. For business users, please ask your Fleet Manager. We recommend you walk around & check the vehicle before you use it. If there’s any damage, take a photo & call 0800 GO SHARE before you start your booking. Alternatively make a note and email the details to share@yoogo.co.nz


How do I get in & out of the car park buildings?

The exit barrier will automatically recognise each of the Yoogo Share licence plates. If the barrier doesn’t lift straight away, if there is room try reversing carefully a little (about 2 meters if possible) and re-approach slowly. If the barrier still doesn’t lift, press the HELP button and the staff will remotely lift the barrier.


What do I do if there are no available Yoogo Share car parks when I return my car?

You do need to return your car to the same hub/car park where you collected it from. If there are no Yoogo Share spaces, lock and leave your vehicle in a nearby legal parking space. Please call 0800 GO SHARE to notify us immediately. If possible, please record or photograph any non-Yoogo Share vehicles parked in the Yoogo Share bays.


Can I eat, drink or smoke in the car? What about pets?

Apart from water, please don’t eat, drink or smoke in the car. You’re sharing the car with others so, sorry, no pets allowed in the cars either.


Are my personal details safe?

Yes they are. We do not hold any credit card data. We use the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant 3rd party credit card provider, Braintree, to process all transactions & store all credit card data.