Ownership is outdated thinking

Keep your business really on the move without the need for capital invested in a fleet of cars. Let’s look at the commercial benefits of our hassle free car sharing service.


A fleet of new Hyundai Ioniqs & BMW i3s available 24/7 for your team. Simply book vehicles via our App or website and pay only for the time you use them.  Billing to cost centres is automatic. Efficiency at its best – brilliant.

Look who's onboard already

Business vs Private Membership

If your business is a one-man-band or a small business, you may want to consider signing up as a Private Member. If your business is going to have multiple drivers and/or looking to exit multiple fleet cars, Business Membership is probably for you.

business vs private.PNG

Going green without the cost

Kiwi businesses want to embrace electric vehicle technology but ownership costs are still too high to make it work.  Yoogo Share Business Membership allows your business to do the right thing without making any huge investment.