Christchurch to Kaikoura

Distance: 181 km - Drive time: 2hr 34min

Both the BMW i3 and Hyundai Ioniq have a 200km range so without use of the heater/AC you will just be able to make it to Kaikoura on a single charge, however we recommend charging up in Amberly on the way to ensure you have sufficient charge to get to Kaikoura.

Once you get to Kaikoura, there is a charging station in the town for your return journey.

We recommend you book a Hyundai Ioniq for longer trips.



Please note: Public charging units require a BYO charging cable - Always make sure there are 2 cables in the boot of the car before departing: 1x Type 2 to Type 2 cable & 1x Type 2 to 3-pin cable

For live charging pricing and charger updates download the PlugShare App for Android or iOS

chch to kaikoura.png


  • Charge Net is a paid public charger network – join at 

  • Yoogo Share cars are Type 2, on chargers this is the CCS/SAE plugs (No commando or chademo capability)

  • DC Fast Chargers (orange icon) take approx. 20mins to charge to 80%

  • AC Chargers (green icon) take approx. 3hrs to charge to 80%

  • Download the PlugShare app to locate live information of chargers enroute

  • The Yoogo Share Access card allows you to access the Orion Free chargers in Canterbury

  • Free chargers are often busy. If they are un-occupied, it is always a good idea to top up.



  • Complete your usual vehicle check for  damage and cleanliness

  • Check the boot, there should be 2 charging cables

  • Check the kms,  if the car doesn’t have around 200km when you get in, feel free to call us and we will move you to one with more charge

If you have any queries please call us on 0800 GO SHARE (0800 46 74273), we are here to make your trip an enjoyable one. 

Once you have completed your trip if there is anything you feel we have missed in this information please let us know,  We’d love to know your thoughts on which café makes the best coffee closest to the DC charger.