Pro-tips for a journey out of town

Since EVs are a little bit different to traditional petrol and diesel fueled cars, we've put together some pro-tips for you to read, so you can confidently take a Yoogo Share EV out of town.

Yoogo Share Hyundai IONIQs are best to take away on long journeys, because they all have a Type 2 charging cable in the boot - vital for charging up on the road.

These tips are designed for longer journeys, but will still be useful if you're using a Yoogo Share car around town.

Before your booking

  • Read our Quick Guide to Driving and Charging. This handy guide runs through how to start, drive and charge Yoogo Share BWW i3s and Hyundai IONIQs. You can also find this guide in the car to reference during your booking.

  • Set up a ChargeNet account. ChargeNet run NZs largest network of paid public chargers to use if you head out of town. If your're heading away, it's best to set up an account before you leave to be able to use their rapid chargers.

  • Download the PlugShare appThis app shows all public and private chargers around NZ and is a great way to plan trips to charging stations during your journey. When planning your journey, make sure you select Type 2 & CCS/SAE cable types only - Commando & CHAdeMO plugs do not fit into Yoogo Share vehicles.

  • Download the Yoogo Share app. This app lets you lock and unlock your car during your booking - perfect for those times when you wonder: "Did I lock the car???"

  • Make sure you've got your Yoogo Share access card - you'll need it to end your booking, and activate free Orion chargers.

  • Add our phone number to your phone. We're available 24/7 for support before, during or after your booking: 0800 GO SHARE - 0800 467 4273


When you pick up the car

  • Complete your usual vehicle check for damage and cleanliness. Let us know if you spot any damage before you leave, and take some photos to send us.

  • Check the boot, there should be 2 charging cables. 1x Type 2 to Type 2 cable to use on public charging stations, & 1x 3-pin to Type 2 to charge up on a home plug. If you're heading away, it's important you have both of these cables.

  • Check the kms,  if the car doesn’t have a full charge of 200km when you get in, feel free to call us and we will move you to one with more charge if you want to head away straight away, or allow some extra time to fully charge up before departing.


On the road

  • Orion Free chargers are activated with Yoogo Share access cards.

  • Paid chargers require a ChargeNet account - best to set this up before you leave.

  • AC Chargers take approx. 3hrs to charge to 80%.

  • DC Fast Chargers take approx. 20mins to charge to 80%.

  • Home charging takes up to 12hrs to charge to 80% - best done overnight


When you're done

Your booking will end (and all fees will stop being charged) after:

  • You plug the car back in at the Yoogo Share hub you got it from, and;

  • You lock the car, and;

  • You tap your Yoogo Share access card on the charging unit and hear a beep

If you drop your car back early, your booking fees may be lower than estimated, but only if you follow the above steps.

If you want to extend your booking, please give us a call to let us know. We're happy for you to do so, but need to know so we can reschedule any future bookings which may be lined up for the car you're in.


Travel safe and enjoy your drive!