The people of Christchurch have made carbon savings of 50 tonnes since February by choosing to join Yoogo Share and drive pure electric cars. This initiative was led by Christchurch City Council which had the vision to reduce emissions and accelerate Christchurch’s transition to becoming a smart city.

In recognition of these carbon savings and the people who have made it happen, Yoogo Share is planting 1,000 native trees in Evans Pass to help restore the valley. Working with the Department of Conservation & Meridian Energy, Yoogo Share has invited their business and private members to help mark this milestone together. The planting will take place on September 23rd as part of Conservation Week.

Kirsten Corson, General Manager of Yoogo Share says Cantabrians have been very welcoming of the cars in the city. “We have over 3,000 members that enjoy the smart, clean and affordable mobility option – plus they’re great fun to drive.”

With road vehicles accounting for 17 percent of all CO2 emissions in NZ[i], electric vehicles have the potential to greatly reduce New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions. New Zealanders are really starting to embrace electric cars, with almost 10,000 electric vehicles now registered around the country. Corson says the high cost of EVs including the cost to buy and install chargers is a barrier for many Kiwis, which is why Yoogo Share’s pay-when-you-use model has been so attractive to Cantabrians.

For Kiwi businesses who have made a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, Yoogo Share’s a solid option that makes real commercial sense. Carl Devereux, Regional Director of Aurecon enjoys the simplicity of the Yoogo Share cars for the global engineering & infrastructure advisory firm: “A transition to a fully electric fleet was an obvious choice for our business.  Yoogo Share presented the opportunity to transition to a modern fleet of vehicles with improved safety standards…. This is an important next step for our health and safety journey… and our staff are excited to be part of this new and sustainable transport initiative.”

The shared fleet is available 24/7, so for the general public looking to reduce the number of vehicles in a household, Yoogo Share is a really convenient option. Nicole Oliver, a private member of Yoogo Share since February loves the clean, green aspect of the car sharing service: “I walk to work so just book via the app, jump in, sync my music and the car instantly feels like it’s my own. Whether it’s for a work meeting or heading out on the weekend shopping, it’s easy.”

University of Auckland Professor Shaun Hendy is on a self-imposed year without flying to highlight climate change. Hendy chose to drive pure electric during his recent return trip from Christchurch to Queenstown because of the reduced emissions from electric cars. Hendy said that driving himself in a pure EV was so much better from a CO2 perspective, and that charging the car cost just $37 one-way.

Car sharing is quickly becoming a global phenomenon, with innovative cities like Christchurch encouraging the use of shared cars as an extension of their transportation network. People use car sharing alongside public transport, ride-hailing, walking and cycling for their daily mobility needs. 

Yoogo Share’s fleet of electric cars are available for hire by the minute, hour, day, overnight or weekend. Located in 8 hubs around Christchurch, including the airport, Cantabrians and visitors to the city can enjoy the benefits of driving electric without the cost of ownership.

Corson says 50 tonnes is just the beginning for Yoogo Share in Christchurch, noting: “We look forward to hitting 100 tonnes of carbon savings by Christmas. Planting the 1,000 natives is our way of giving back and saying: Thanks for your support Christchurch.”

[i] New Zealand’s Environmental Reporting Series: Our atmosphere and climate 2017: