Get out of town: Journey Planners now online

We’ve put together guides for taking a Yoogo Share car out of Christchurch, to let you know the best places to charge your car (and yourself) in and on the way to Ashburton, Akaroa, Kaikoura & Timaru.

With 200km ranges, Yoogo Share cars can travel out of town easily, with a little planning. We’ve done that for you, so you can just enjoy the drive.

See the following Journey Planners to find out more about travelling out of Christchurch.

We’re working on more Journey Planners, but if there is a destination missing from this list that you’d love to see, please email us, and we’ll get cracking on putting something together for you. Otherwise, visit PlugShare - the crowd-sourced app that with comprehensive info on charging stations around the country.